Due to the self-governing (municipal) elections, the races have been moved one day earlier: 4th to 7th of October 2023 "3Ultra Summits Tihiorace 250km" 5th to 7th of October 2023 "X-Ultra Tihiorace 165km"TIHIORACE TEAM

Entry Rules Tihiorace



In the rules listed below, the following terms shall have the following meanings: 1) ATHLETES shall mean the participants, i.e. the persons who have legally entered and who take part in the race; 2) ORGANIZERS shall mean the Organizing Committee of Tihiorace and Wolf’s Race; 3) RACE COMMITTEE shall mean the Organizing Committee that is responsible for carrying out the race and for all relevant decision-making.

1.1 Entering a race shall imply full acceptance of the terms & conditions thereof.

1.2 Athletes competing in the races must understand that they will be running in a mountainous and inaccessible area, with everything that entails. They will also be exposed to the weather conditions prevailing on the day of the race.


2.1. Participants must be aged 18 or over.

2.2. Entries shall be considered valid once the registration fee has been paid.

2.3. The participation fee is:

10 euro for 10 km
20 euro for 20
30 euro for 30
40 euro for 50

2.3.1. This includes:

• participation in the full race weekend, according to the regulations;

• attendance of the Pasta Party;

• a post-race meal;

• supplies at the Aid Stations;

• a T-shirt bearing the race logo;

• a commemorative medal;

• entry in a lottery with generous prizes.

2.3.2 To validate your entry, you must deposit the relevant amount in the following bank account:

ΠΕΙΡΑΙΩΣ: IBAN - GR2901715580006558140343261
ΕUROBANK: IBAN - GR1302607600000670200255029
ALPHA: IBAN - GR7301401530153002320007655


To pay by credit card, please click on the following link:


2.3.3 Please remember to mention the FULL NAME of each participating athlete, in the COMMENTS field of the payment slip.

2.3.4. The relevant sums must be deposited by 28/04/2023, for entries to be considered valid.

2.3.5 Any bank charges shall be paid exclusively by the payee.

2.4. There shall be electronic timing for all races.

2.5 Any runner that enters the race and fails to take part in the race, shall not be entitled to a refund.



The men’s and women’s categories in the 20, 30 and 50 km races are as follows:

Mens categories:

M1. 18-29
M2. 30-39
M3. 40-49
M4. 50-59
M5. 60+

Women’s categories:

W1. 18-29
W2. 30-39
W3. 40-49
W4. 50+


The first 3 runners overall shall not be awarded in the age categories.

Only the first 3 men and the first 3 women overall shall be awarded in the 10 km race.


4.1. Friday 5, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 May 2023


5.1. Each race is described in detail on the event website, under the heading RACES.


6.1. All athletes are obligated to adhere fully to all of the rules described below. All athletes are also obligated to comply with any instructions given by the race marshals. Non-compliance with such rules and instructions shall entail exclusion from the race. Should the race marshals observe any violation, they shall record it and notify the violators. Any other person authorized by the organizers may also record any violations observed, and submit them to the Race Committee for evaluation.


7.1. The route is signposted at regular and frequent intervals, with construction tape (red and white) and painted hiking markers indicating the correct direction. The Wolf's Race 50 km route also has permanent marking, with small metal signs. Inside villages, the route shall be marked with biodegradable fluorescent spray, which fades away in a few days.

7.2. The route markings positioned by the organizers are temporary, and intended to be used by runners on the race date; they shall be removed after the race. The markings include signs indicating mileage or direction, as well as signs preventing runners from proceeding in the wrong direction.

7.3. Volunteers shall also guide runners at critical points of the route, in the event that the above markings are deemed inadequate.


8.1. Athletes take part in the race at their own responsibility, and the organizers shall not be liable in the event of any injury, as expressly stated in the relevant statutory declaration. However, there shall be a Volunteer Rescue Team in attendance throughout the race. There shall also be specialized medical staff and fully equipped ambulances in attendance at strategic locations.

8.2. Athletes shall have been previously examined by a doctor, who must rule that they are capable of taking part in the race.


9.1. There are interim cut-offs only in the 53 km Wolf’s Race; these are:

- after 5 hours at Stergoula (STATION 5 at 22.9 km);

- after 7.5 hours at Trikorfa (STATION 7 at 33.2 km).

The cut-offs are common to all categories, irrespective of gender or age. After the cut-off times mentioned above, the station marshal shall continue to record athletes’ times, and athletes arriving at the stations shall be obligated to hand over their race bibs. Any athletes wishing to continue along the route may do so at their own responsibility and only provided they have handed over their race bib. The final cut-off time for this race is 10 hours and 30 minutes for both men and women of all ages.


10.1. Every athlete must wear their race bib on a visible location on the front of their torso. The bib must remain in place throughout the race, and must not be folded in such a way as to hide any of the information printed on the bib (sponsors, logos, etc.). Any alteration to the bib that is thought to confuse the marshals at the aid stations shall be punishable by exclusion. Loss of the race bib shall also lead to exclusion from the race.


11.1. The use of hiking poles is permitted. It is also permitted to carry and use a map, compass, GPS, mobile phone or radio (VHF).


12.1. The race takes place in mountainous territory, and therefore in a fragile ecosystem. As a consequence, it is prohibited to dispose of any objects whatsoever along the route, including plastic bottles or any other packaging materials from solid or liquid foods consumed by athletes during the race. There shall be plastic garbage sacks at all aid stations. All athletes are obligated to dispose of any garbage in these sacks.


13.1. Athletes must avoid forming groups on the trail that prevent other athletes from overtaking if they wish to do so. When an athlete is notified that someone wishes to overtake them, they must move to the uphill (inside) part of the trail.


14.1. The organizers shall provide the athletes with sustenance during the race.


15.1. There is no mandatory equipment required of the athletes. However, it is recommended that participants carry a small backpack or waist pack with basic equipment such as sunglasses, a hat, a water pouch or bottle, and their own solid food for consumption between aid stations. All athletes must carry one or two containers in which to receive water and isotonic drinks from the aid stations. Athletes may leave their packs at the main aid stations at their own responsibility.


16.1. The race checkpoints are located at the aid stations, as well as at selected parts of the route, where there shall be an electronic timing mat over which athletes will be required to step. Athletes must have their race bibs pinned at the visible location, allowing race marshals to record them. If wearing a windbreaker over their bib, they must make sure to demonstrate their number when arriving at each Checkpoint. Refusal to demonstrate a bib number shall entail exclusion from the race. Any athlete missing even a single Checkpoint shall be excluded from the race.


17.1. Any objections must be submitted by the athlete involved, at the latest within 3 days after completion of the race.


18.1. The Committee shall ensure that the race route is patrolled by specialized security, rescue and medical staff able to provide assistance to any athletes in need. Should the security staff and marshals indicate that the athletes are required to change direction for security reasons, all athletes must obey. Refusal to comply shall entail exclusion from the race.


19.1. If necessary (exceptionally dangerous weather conditions), the Organizers reserve the right to change the race route or postpone the race for a short period of time, in order to protect athletes from any bodily harm.


20.1. The official (final) race results shall be published several days after the race, to ensure that the data has been cross-checked and referenced.

20.2. The final race results are as provided by the relevant timing company and may not be disputed. Athletes finishing the race together shall not, under any circumstances, be given double medals. It is hereby clarified that the “net time” given by the timing company shall not constitute the classification criterion. Crossing the finish line shall be the sole classification criterion.


21.1. The only penalty applicable to all offences & rule violations shall be exclusion from the race.

21.2. This is applicable to:

• Route polluting;

• Taking shortcuts


22.1. The organizers shall not be liable for the death, injury or any damage to the health of the athletes; by submitting an application to enter the race, athletes are considered to declare that they are aware of the risks of trail running, and to confirm that they are in good health and capable of racing, having recently been examined by a doctor for this purpose. However, athletes will not be required to submit a medical certificate. Athletes are expected to undergo regular medical check-ups to ensure that they are in good health. The organizers hereby waive any liability with respect to the athletes’ physical integrity, and athletes are expected to behave responsibly in parts of the race where there is an increased risk of falls, with unpleasant or even fatal consequences. The organizers hereby waive any financial liability in the event that any athlete requires external assistance.


The Organizers and their partners reserve the intellectual property rights to the photographs and video footage taken during the race by authorized professionals. Any athlete whose entry is accepted automatically accepts this term, in awareness that their face may appear in photographs or video footage. Specific permission shall not be requested, and athletes may not claim compensation for the publication of such material.


24.1. The organizers reserve the right to amend the race rules without prior warning.

25. Tihio Stage Race

Tihio Stage Race is an independent race, and the condition for classification is for each runner to have completed all 3 stages within the cut-off times.

Participants in the Tihio Stage Race shall not be included in the classification of any individual race (e.g. 50 km); the awards ceremony for this race shall take place at the end of the three days, and athletes are required to have completed all 3 stages successfully.

All of the above rules are applicable to Tihio Stage Race, as well as the following additional ones


Stage 1, 17 k rout +1000m time limit 4 hours
Stage 2, 50 k rout +2700m cut-off are the same with the 50k race (Wolf’s race)
Stage 3, 30 k rout +1650m time limit 7 hours


25.2. Classification

The winners of the Tihio Stage Race shall be selected by adding up the athletes’ individual times in each of the 3 stages (days).

25.3. Winners

Only the first 3 men and the first 3 women overall shall be awarded in the Tihio Stage Race.

25.4. Aid stations

The aid stations for stages 1 and 3 shall be announced by the organizers; in any case, participants are required to bring their own supplies, as appropriate for the prevailing conditions and their personal needs.

In stage 2, athletes may use the same aid stations as the 50 km race participants.

The above rules are applicable to all races.