Rules of Participation in 3 UltraSummits TihioRace 250K

GENERAL: In the rules set out below, the following terms shall have the meaning ascribed to them herein: 1) ATHLETES (male and female) means participants who have duly registered and compete in the race 2) ORGANISERS/RACE COMMITTEE means the Organisational Committee of the race, which is responsible for carrying out the races and adopts decisions.


Male and female athletes are entitled to participate under the following conditions:

a. their date of birth is prior to 2004
b. they have completed two trail races over 100 km in the previous two calendar years 2020-20
23, or one ultra road running race over 130 km.
c. they understand and are able to handle the challenges of such a race, they understand and are able to handle exposure to any weather conditions prevailing on the day of the race, they have (documented) experience of trail running races, they are able to observe the instructions of the organisers and volunteers, and they are adequately prepared and in good health condition.

1.1 Applying for participation is evidence of complete acceptance of these terms. 


2.1. All participants must have completed 20 years of age.
2.2. A participation is considered valid only if the relevant fee has been paid, payment deadline 03/05/2024.
2.3. The cost of participation in the 2
50 km race is:180 €. The above fee includes accommodation in a tent in the amphitheatre with amenities, restrooms and hot water. 

2.3.1. The cost includes:

• participation in all three/both days in accordance with the rules.
• as many meals as necessary throughout the race
• supplies at the Aid Stations
• t-shirt with the race logo or other item provided from the organisers
• commemorative medal
• drop bag transportation
• local transportation (where required)
• meals after the end of the race

2.3.2 For the participation to be valid, the following amount must be deposited in the following bank co-ordinates:

PIRAEUS BANK: IBAN - GR2901715580006558140343261
ΕUROBANK: IBAN - GR1302607600000670200255029
ALPHA: IBAN - GR7301401530153002320007655


If you wish to pay by card, please click on the following link.

2.3.3. It is necessary to state the FULL NAME of each participating athlete in the COMMENTS section of the deposit slip.
2.3.4. The deposit must be made until the registration deadline.
2.3.5. Any bank charges shall be on depositor.
2.4. Athletes who registered but did not show up in the race are not entitled to a refund.


The first 3 finalists in the general classification (men)
and the first 3 finalists in the general classification (women) will be awarded.


ultra summits 22-26/05/2024


5.1. A detailed description of the route is available under the “USEFUL INFORMATION - ROUTE” section which forms an integral part of these rules.


6.1. Athletes are obliged to fully comply with the following rules. They are also obliged to observe the instructions of the race officials. Failure to comply with the rules or instructions may result in disqualification. If a violation is identified, the officials will write it down and inform violators accordingly. Any other authorised individual by the organisers is entitled to report a violation and submit it to the Race Committee.

7.1. There is ample marking throughout the route. The marking to be used is red and white barricade tape, and the trail markers pointing to the right direction.
7.2. Route marking is temporary, is placed by the organisers for the sole purpose of facilitating the athletes, and will be removed after the race. These are mostly kilometre marker signs or direction signs, as well as prohibiting signs to avoid going off route.
7.3. If the above means are considered insufficient, volunteers may be placed at key points of the route to guide the athletes.


8.1. Athletes participate at their own risk and the organising authority will not be liable in case of injury, as explicitly noted in the statutory declaration. Notwithstanding the above, a Volunteer Rescue Team will be available during the race. Moreover, there will be readily available medical stuff and fully equipped ambulances at select key points.
8.2. Athletes must have recently undergone a medical check up and pronounced fit to participate in the particular race, and must have signed the statutory declaration handed by the organisational committee when collecting their starter pack.

9. TIME-LIMIT: 76 hours

9.1. The finishing time-limit will be announced by the Organisational Committee in a press release and by email to participants, and will also be posted on the organisers’ website.
Time-limits are the same for all athlete categories, regardless of sex and age. After the referenced cut-off time expires, the station official will record athletes as DNF, and all athletes arriving at the respective check point will be obliged to surrender their bib number.


10.1. All athletes must wear their bib number on a visible place at the front of their blouses. The bib number must remain visible throughout the race without being folded as to conceal any information thereon (sponsors, logos etc.). Any essential distortion of the bib number that might create confusion in the officials at the Stations will result in disqualification. Loss of the bib number will result in disqualification.


11.1. The use of trekking poles is permitted. Moreover, the use of map, compass, GPS, VHF is also permitted.

12. WASTE:

12.1. The race takes place on mountain area, which is a sensitive ecosystem. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to dispose of any items along the route, such as plastic bottles or any other food packaging material in solid or liquid form consumed by athletes during the race. There is a special plastic waste bag at each aid station. All athletes are obliged to dispose of their waste in the bag.


13.1. The organising authority undertakes to supply athletes with food throughout the race.

14. MANDATORY EQUIPMENT, BAGS (concerns the 250k race)

14.1 For safety reasons, all athletes are required to carry their own bag throughout the race, with the following mandatory gear:

1. Camelbag with a capacity for at least 1 litre
2. Waterproof jacket
3. Space blanket
4. Elastic bandage and 2 (two) gauzes
5. Emergency whistle
6. Two headlamps with spare batteries
7. Food equivalent to a minimum of 1000 calories
8. Cell phone with charged battery. Your cell phone number must be stated to the organisers at the time of registration. The organisation's phone number will be indicated on the bib number to be provided to the athletes.
9. Depending on weather conditions, the organisers may require additional mandatory equipment such as gloves, beanie, technical long tights or waterproof trousers.
The organisers will check such mandatory gear at the time of picking up of the race pack from the secretariat. If any of the above gear is missing, the race pack will be withheld.
The organisers are entitled to perform gear checks at any random point of the route (not known beforehand). Failure to produce even part of the gear will result in the athlete's disqualification.


Athletes may bring with them the following optional gear: • first aid kit • GPS device • compass • printed description of the route • trekking poles • beanie • gloves • sunglasses • cap • long tights or waterproof trousers • second pair of socks

14.3. DROP BAG (concerns the 250 km race)

All athletes competing in the 2
50km race can deliver 3 drop bags, one for “Mousounitsa” Station at 72km, one for “Polydroso” Station at 145km and one for “Ag. Efthymia” Station at 203 km.
The athletes’ bags at the Finish Line will be of their choice (preferably made of a waterproof material), so as to be durable.
Moreover, the Organisers recommend against pointless consumption of non-reusable material. The bags must contain whatever the athletes consider they will need to support them (food, clothing etc.). It is prohibited to place any sharp objects (knives, forks etc.) inside the bags, to avoid minor accidents or damage to the content of the bag or of other athletes’ items. The Organisers undertake the transportation of drop bags.
The Organisers will not be liable for breakage of items or loss of valuable items contained in the bags.


15.1. The race Check Points are located at the aid stations and in various select spots. Athletes must keep their bib number visible to enable officials to record them. Athletes wearing windbreakers must show their bib number on arrival at each Checkpoint. Refusal to do so will result in disqualification. Athlete failing to pass through any Checkpoint will be considered void.


16.1. Appeals on any grounds may be submitted only by an athlete in person, no later than 2 days after the official results are published.


17.1. The Committee undertakes to supervise the route of the race with staff specialising in safety, rescue and medical assistance to any athletes in need. If the security staff and officials instruct the athletes to change their course for safety reasons, athletes will be obliged to comply. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.


18.1. If it becomes necessary (for instance in case of extremely risky weather conditions), the Organisers reserve the right to modify the route, to postpone the starting time for a small period of time, to modify cut-ff times or to discontinue the race at any point, to avoid putting the athletes’ physical integrity at risk.

19.1. The official (final) results of the race are announced after the race, after they have been cross-checked and the necessary checks have been complete.
19.2. The final classification of the race is the one provided by the organisers. No double medals will be given to athletes finishing together for any reason and in any case whatsoever. The sole criterion for classification is to pass through the imaginary finish line.

20.1. The only penalty imposed for any type of infringements and violations is disqualification.
20.2. Disqualification is imposed in the following cases:
• non-observance of the rules concerning mandatory gear
• disposing of waste along the route
• taking shortcuts
• inappropriate conduct towards the staff
• unsportsmanlike behaviour putting the organisation and other athletes at risk


21.1. The organisers are not liable for death, injury or any detriment to the health of competitors, and by submitting the application for entry the competitors represent that they are aware of the risks involved in a mountainous environment and confirm that they are in good health condition and fit to compete, and have been examined by a medical doctor to that effect. However, athletes will not be required to produce a doctor’s certificate. It is up to the athletes to regularly undergo proactive medical tests to confirm the state of their health. The organisers disclaim all liability concerning the athletes’ physical integrity, and athletes are required to display a responsible attitude in sections of the route with increased risk of falling with dire or fatal results. All information about the race is posted at the official website of the race


22.1. The Organisers and their associates reserve the copyright relating to the photo shooting and video recording of the race by authorised teams undertaking such tasks. All athletes whose entry application has been accepted automatically accept this term, and must be aware that their face may appear in photos or videos without permission and without being entitled to claim any compensation for the publication of any such material.

23.1. The organisers retain the right to amend the rules of the race without being obliged to inform each athlete individually. Only in the official website of the race.