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Tihio Doridos

Tihio Doridos is located in the NW of Fokida County, in the Municipality of Eupalion, at a distance of 25 km from Nafpaktos, 79 km from Amfissa and 250 km from Athens. It is located at an altitude of 580 m, where the plane trees, springs and wild beauty of the rich land of Roumeli have remained unspoilt.


The first historical references to Tihio come from the narration of the Peloponnesian War. Specifically, the historian Thucydides mentions the following:

“After bivouacking with the army in the precinct of Nemean Zeus, in which the poet Hesiod is said to have been killed by the people of the country, according to an oracle which had foretold that he should die in Nemea, Demosthenes set out at daybreak to invade Aetolia. The first day he took Potidania, the next Krokyle, and the third Tichium, where he halted and sent back the booty to Eupalium in Locris, having determined to pursue his conquests as far as the Ophionians, and in the event of their refusing to submit, to return to Naupactus and make them the objects of a second expedition.

Meanwhile the Aetolians had been aware of his design from the moment of its formation, and as soon as the army invaded their country came up in great force with all their tribes; even the most remote Ophionians, the Bomiensians, and Calliensians, who extend towards the Malian Gulf, being among the number.”

Thucydides “HISTORIES”, book C, ch. 96.

For more information about Tihio Doridos, please visit http://www.tihio.gr/


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