Hawk's Race 20k, 900m positive altitude (20/10/2024)

The 20 km race start takes place at the Tihio amphitheatre, which has been adapted for this purpose.

The first few kilometres of the route are uphill, following a path along the mountain ridge (with small forested sections). The first aid station you will come to is at km 2.9 (“Mountounia” - water/isotonic drink), after a 302 m ascent.

After the station, you will continue upwards and then along the ride. A short descent will bring you to the second aid station (“Plalistra” or “Stani” - water/isotonic drink, crisps, banana, etc.) at km 6.6 and after another 170 m of ascent (total since the race start +472 m).

This is where the longer race separates from the small ones. The 20 km route follows the dirt road to the east for a while, and then takes the main road in the same direction. When you reach the cement water reservoir, the routes takes a sharp turn to the west and enters a downhill footpath. From this point on, the route is the same as the 50 km race’s.

The footpath is hilly and crosses several dry riverbeds. Moving through a beautiful oak forest, you will come to the 3rd aid station (“Dasos Theretron”), just after the eponymous hotel. Head north (the aid station volunteers will point you in the right direction) and follow the dirt road towards Palioxari village. You will soon veer of the main forest road and take a footpath and smaller dirt roads leading to Palioxari village. A footpath will lead you to the picturesque village square, where you will find the 4th aid station.

Leaving the village behind, take the asphalt road to the west and right after the cemetery, enter the dirt road heading downhill to the north. After about 600 metres, you will find the beginning of a trail that will lead you to a dirt road and eventually to Tihio village (5th aid station). After crossing the village, a footpath will take you to the last section of dirt road and a short uphill climb will lead you to the finish line (in the adapted amphitheatre), having run a total of 20 km.


Wonderful journey into nature. Unique paths in an enchanting landscape. Join and run with us!