Deer's Race 30k, 1530m positive altitude (07/05/2023)

The race starts and finishes in Tihio village, in the mountains of Dorida. It is one of the 8 races in the Skyrunner Greece Series, being the third in chronological order.

Tihio is located in the NW of Fokida County, at a distance of 25 km from Nafpaktos, 79 km from Amfissa and 250 km from Athens. The race route consists of 25% forest roads, 70% trails and just 5% asphalt. The total ascent of the 30 km race is 1500 m.

The race start takes place at the Tihio amphitheatre, which has been adapted for this purpose.

The first few kilometres of the route are consistently uphill, following a path along the mountain ridge (with small forested sections).

The aid stations you will find are:

Km 3: Mountounia, with water/isotonic drink.

Km 6.5: Plalistra or Stani, with water/isotonic drink, crisps, banana, etc.

After this aid station, the route follows a small but difficult uphill section (very steep but within a beautiful fir-tree forest) to the next aid station:

Km 9: Agia Triada, with a large assortment of supplies (water/isotonic drink, bananas, raisins, crisps, chocolate, sesame-and-honey ‘pasteli’ and cereal bars). After the third aid station, you will continue uphill to the fourth aid station. You will start on a forested trail and eventually leave the forest behind and come to a wind turbine. This is the highest point of the race (1537 m) and the main aid station and checkpoint.

Km 11: Kerea, with a large assortment of supplies (water/isotonic drink, Coca Cola, Almora, bananas, raisins, crisps, chocolate, honey, cereal bars, sesame-and-honey ‘pasteli’ and nuts). Don’t forget to lift your head and look around. The view here makes up for the difficult ascent - and then some! It is spectacular in every direction. To the north you can see Vardousia (2495 m) and Gkiona (2510 m), while to the south you will be able to see the highest peaks in the Peloponnese (Panachaiko, Erymanthos, Helmos and Ziria).

The next 5 km are downhill, on a clear and easy footpath until you come to the dirt road at km 16. From there, you will take a main forest road to Potidania village and meet the main asphalt road; follow the signs to the footpath leading you to Potidania village, where there is an aid station directly in front of “Thanassis Taverna”.

You will then take a particularly rough path heading southwards for about 800 metres. Eventually, you will join a pretty westward trail, which you will follow for around 5 km, enjoying the changing landscapes. This will bring you to “Dasos Theretron” aid station, just below “Dasos Theretron” Hotel. After the aid station, you will take a small downhill dirt road that leads to Palioxari village, where there is another aid station.

Heading downhill on a paved road through the village and then a dirt road leading through a pine forest, you will reach a ruined farmhouse at the lowest point. From here, follow the trail that leaves the valley and turns uphill, leading to an old dirt road and eventually into Tihio village, and the next aid station. Cross the village (dirt road and footpath) to reach the final uphill kilometre leading to the finish line.

The beautiful views and alternating landscapes more than make up for the effort required to finish this race!

We look forward to welcoming you for an authentic mountain race!

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