Mountain Bike Tihiorace - Full race 34Km, 1220m positive altitude (09/04/2023)

After the great success of TIHIO MTB RACE 2019 and the welcome it received from mountain biking fans, the event returns in 2020, on the familiar routes of Tihiorace, and on new, beautiful trails with the same quality you have learned to expect from Tihiorace events. We have increased the distance, climbing to 1,520 m and descending a 5-km trail!

ROUTE DESCRIPTION: 42km - 1,520 m ascent
Route difficulty: MEDIUM with respect to technical difficulty, and DEMANDING with respect to its uphill sections (for average mountain bikers).

A few metres after the asphalt start, you will enter an uphill forest road, with an average include of 6%, for about 4 km. You will then continue onto a small forest road, which is flat for almost 1 km, followed by a slightly downhill section; after this, you will start moving uphill on a narrower road, with an average incline of 10% (15% max), which eventually becomes a trail, for a total of 1.2 km.

At this point, you are at an altitude of 1,100 m, with a view to Rio-Antirrio bridge. Moving along the ridge line, you will continue on the trail, which is largely downhill, with small, brief ascents. You will then move onto undulating forest roads. The second major ascent starts at km 12, with 7.2 km in a beautiful fir-tree forest leading up to Trikorfo peak (1,520 m) with an average incline of 6.2%. This marks the beginning of your descent on a trail with several technical sections, spanning a total of 5.2 km! You will end up in Potidania, crossing the village’s paved streets and reaching a fast, downhill forest road after 1.5 km of asphalt.

This is followed by the third ascent, 4.5 km with an average incline of 7%, ending in Paleoxari. The route continues with alternating ascents and descents on forest roads and trails, up to the finish line.

General characteristics of the routes: Forest roads, mainly narrow but in excellent condition, and uphill and downhill trails, also in good condition, with some hairpin bends and technical sections.



Wonderful journey into nature. Unique paths in an enchanting landscape. Join and run with us!