Stage Tihiorace100k, 5350m positive altitude (05-07/05/2023)

The second edition of our three-day ultra running event, covering a total distance of 100 kilometres.

The race is addressed to runners who would like to test themselves against an ultra distance but haven’t dared to do so yet, and to runners who are used to handling the fatigue of long distances, with a race that appears easy but is really not! Tihio Stage Race is open to fast and slow runners who are not afraid to test their limits in a very different challenge.

The 1st day’s race will start at the seaside village of Sergoula Doridos, with the route following a beautiful trail with a view of the sea practically all the way. After 17 kilometres and 1000 m of ascent, the race finishes (with a 4-hour cut-off time) at the seaside village of Marathias. At the end of the day, all runners are transferred to Tihio village, where they can spend the night at the camp-site established for this purpose. All of the amenities required by ultra-runners will be provided there, to ensure that you can rest and recover, and start the second day refreshed.

Route description: Day 1


A beautiful mountain route that starts and finishes by the sea. The distance is 17 km, with a total ascent of 1000 m.

The route starts at Sergoula beach, where you will run on an asphalt road running parallel to the sea and past a picturesque little fishing village. After 1 km (before the river), turn left (north) onto a small dirt road. To your right, you will have a view of Sergoulopotamos river, and old watermills, an ruined aqueduct etc. to your left. Pass under the highway using the underpass (100 m.) and continue onto a dirt road running parallel to olive-groves.

The uphill trail starts after the 2nd kilometre. The incline gets gradually steeper and the terrain is rough and rocky. At the 4th km., you will come to a water channel and follow it on an almost flat footpath. Cross the bridge and you will soon reach a plane forest with old watermill buildings. Follow the dirt road for a while, until you reach Sergoula village, at km 5.2 (altitude 460 m.). This is where you will find the 1st aid station.

Take the uphill footpath, which is interrupted by a dirt road. The incline becomes very steep. At km 8, you will reach the race’s highest point, at 860 m. This is also the starting-point of the downhill section, within a forested area. The 10th km moves very steeply downhill, so watch your step. Eventually, at km 11 you will reach Pyrgos village (altitude 480 m), where you will find the 2nd aid station.

The trail you take after you leave the village (southwards) is very beautiful. There is an excellent view of the Gulf of Corinth, and a mild incline, suitable for high speeds. It is a dry-stone footpath, but the last section has been destroyed by a dirt road (built for the wind turbines). This means that you will run the last 3 km to Marathias village, on a dirt road. The finish line is on the beach at Marathias.

Route description: Day 2

A full description of the 2nd day’s route is provided in Marathon 53km – Wolf’s Race (click on the link for further information).

The third day’s race is 30 km long, with an ascent of 1650 metres and a 7-hour cut-off. The race starts in Vraila village, and ends in the amphitheatre in Tihio village. This last day is perhaps the trickiest, as some experienced runners would say. The combination of the high temperatures at this time of year, and the previous days’ fatigue, leave no margin for error for any of the runners.

Route description: Day 3


From Vraila village square, take the asphalt road for one downhill kilometre heading south. Turn right (west) and head uphill on the dirt road. Now you will see two hills (Vouni and Aetovouni) effectively “blocking” your route. They are separated by Vathyrema gorge. An impressive footpath has been carved into the south bank of the gorge, and was used in antiquity to access the mountains of Dorida. You will run alongside the gorge for 2.5 km. Then you will turn north (right) and climb for one kilometre until you meet a dirt road. Follow the dirt road for another kilometre and then switch of a footpath that will lead you an anonymous peak at 1178 m, which is topped by a chapel and has a view to Mornos Lake. You are now at km 8. 

The descent from this peak follows an pretty trail that will lead you to Bouhori Ridge, above the villages of Milia and Stylia (at an altitude of 1000 m.). This col has a beautiful view of all the surrounding mountains and the sea in Eratini. This is also the start of the race’s final extended ascent. The area’s amazing oak forest will definitely make it feel more pleasant. The mild dirt path will lead you to a dirt road, which you will follow past the first wind turbine. You will then move back onto the footpath, now moving in alpine terrain. By the 15th km, you will be at the top of Mount Trikorfa, at an altitude of 1530 m. There will be an impressive view towards the high mountains in Roumeli (Gkiona, Vardousia) and towards the Gulf of Corinth to the south, and the mountains of the Peloponnese (Helmos, Ziria, Erymanthos, Panachaiko).

A beautiful downhill trail among the fir trees will let you pick up as much speed as you want or have the energy for. A short uphill section leads to the chapel of Agios Konstantinos and then dips back down. You will eventually reach the water reservoir (altitude 1054 m, km 19.5) above Potidania village. At that point, our volunteers will show you the footpath to Palioxari (you will not be entering Potidania village like the 53 & 30 km races).

Take the undulating trail westwards. You will be moving in a beautiful forest with oak and pine trees. After about 4 km, you will come to a main dirt road. Follow it for about 200 metres, then take a right and join a small, old dirt track. A short and fast downhill section will bring you to Palioxari village (altitude 720 m, km 25). 

Follow the asphalt road through the village, and then a combination of trails and forest roads will take you to Tihio village (km 27.5, altitude 580 m).  Just after the village, another pretty and mercifully flat footpath will lead you to the final section of dirt road. A final uphill slog will bring you to “Theatraki” and the finish line, after 30 beautiful kilometres!

Good management of your strength and nutrition over the three days, studying the graphs and race descriptions, and resting between the stages, are all important elements for finishing the race in good condition and enjoying the incredibly beautiful scenery.


All-inclusive*; cost € 150 - Includes:

• Accommodation in large, 4-person tent. A bed and pillow are also provided. All you need to bring are your personal belongings and a sleeping bag.
• Meals (breakfast, lunch after the race and dinner) (coffee, soft drinks, water).
• Transfers during the three days.
• Race gift.
• Medal.

* The all-inclusive package is available for up to 40 persons.

Regular*; cost € 100 - Includes:

• Race meals.
• Transfers during the three days.
• Race gift.
• Medal.


Wonderful journey into nature. Unique paths in an enchanting landscape. Join and run with us!