Wolf's Race 51k, 2850m positive altitude (06/05/2023)

The 53 km race start takes place at the Tihio amphitheatre, which has been adapted for this purpose.

The first few kilometres of the route are uphill, following a path along the mountain ridge (with small forested sections). The first aid station you will come to is at km 2.9 (“Mountounia”), after a 302 m ascent.

After the station, you will continue upwards and then along the ridge. A short descent will bring you to the second aid station (“Plalistra”) at km 6.6 and after another 170 m of ascent (total since the race start +472 m).

This is where the longer race separates from the small ones. Follow the dirt roads leading south. Take care at km 10.9 (where there is a sheepfold), because you must leave the road and take the technical footpath with a steep descent towards the dry riverbed. Cross the riverbed and take the uphill footpath leading to an old, abandoned dirt road and shortly thereafter to the 3rd aid station (just outside Paliomylos village). This section was the easiest, considering that you were moving mainly on dirt road and predominantly downhill. You are now at km 12.1.

Continue downhill from the 3rd aid station to an abandoned and overgrown road. Reach the bottom of the gorge and cross it, following a beautiful verdant trail. The trail is hilly and crosses beautiful small meadows. You will soon arrive at the entrance to Pyrgos village (outdoor entertainment area) and the 4th aid station, located near a spring (the villagers have created an outdoor museum displaying antique tools). To this point, you have covered 17.2 km, with a total ascent of +697 m.

Head uphill among the old village houses, following a pretty but quite technical footpath. You will reach a ridge that will take you along a dirt road, before dipping downwards on a trail. You will meet the road leading to Sergoula village a few times, but eventually the footpath will lead you to the village square, where you will find the 5th aid station. The first half of the above section was uphill (+389 m), while the second was downhill. By the 5th aid station, you will have covered 22.9 km, with a total ascent of 1086 m. This is also the race’ first cut-off point, with a limit of 5 hours!

And this is where the race’s most scenic section begins. The trail may be uphill, but it is also untouched, and never crosses any roads. It is a traditional path, meticulously paved with old stone. Looking back, you will be impressed by the sight of Trizina island, which makes the Corinthian Gulf look like a fjord. When you reach the old settlement of Paliohori (6th aid station), you will have covered 26.6 km with a total ascent of 1606 m.

Continue uphill on a trail that leads through a beautiful oak forest. Traverse several hillsides and eventually you will come to a dirt road. Turn left and follow it to the highest peak of mount Trikorfa. The view there is amazing - you can see some of the highest mountains in mainland Greece (Gkiona, Vardousia, Parnassos) and in the Peloponnese (Helmos, Ziria, Erymanthos). By the 7th aid station, you will have covered 33.2 km with a total ascent of 2246 m. The other interim cut-off point is here, with a limit of 7.5 hours.

A beautiful downhill trail among the fir trees will let you pick up as much speed as you want or have the energy for. A short uphill section leads to the chapel of Agios Konstantinos and then dips back down, bringing you to Potidania village, where the 8th aid station is located. To this point, you have covered 39.4 km with an ascent of 2281 m in total.

The next section takes a clear uphill path, leading to a cement water reservoir. Take a right here (heading west) and follow the undulating trail. You will cross a pretty oak forest and, after 5.2 km, reach the 9th aid station, at km 44.8 with an ascent of 2611.

Take the main road for about 200 metres, then take a right and join a small, old dirt track. An easy and fast downhill section leads to Palioxari village (the 10th aid station) at km 46.2.

Follow the asphalt road through the village, and then a combination of trails and forest roads will take you to Tihio village (11th aid station; km 49.3). Just after the village, another pretty and mercifully flat footpath will lead you to the final section of dirt road. A final uphill slog will bring you to “Theatraki” and the finish line, after 52 tiring but beautiful kilometres!


Wonderful journey into nature. Unique paths in an enchanting landscape. Join and run with us!